Secure Wine Storage in Port Chester, NY

Are you a wine enthusiast searching for the best place to store your wine in Port Chester, New York? Maybe you need a facility with all the right storage conditions and extra room for stacking cases of wine. Our climate controlled units, which are conveniently located at 123 Oak St, Port Chester, NY 10573, will prevent extreme temperatures from significantly changing your wine. Plus, the climate control is great for moving on a hot day.
There are other ways to create great conditions for wine other than long-term storage in a climate controlled unit. One good example is storing the bottles on their sides so that the wine is always touching the cork, which will prevent the cork from drying out. Of course, with Vanguard Self Storage you won’t even need to put in place this type of measure (which is certainly good practice) because everything is taken care of for you! There is no need to choose between a fridge or a cellar – our facility already offers everything you need to store your wine, including the right humidity levels.
Even if the bottles are sealed tightly, the cork is still affected by moisture, which is why it’s so important to make sure that a certain amount of humidity is maintained. With 60% to 80% relative humidity, you will be able to keep the cork of your bottles sufficiently moist to maintain the necessary flexibility while still letting the wine breathe. This also means that the cork won’t dry out and crack.
Like most wine collectors, we love all this technical stuff because it really has an impact on the way we go about storing wine. However, if you’re not much for scientific or technical explanations, don’t worry. You can reach out to us by phone during business hours and our team will give you all the expert advice you need on storing and aging wine.
With our modern technology, you are the one who’s in charge of opening the gate, the front door, and your wine storage area simply by using your cell phone. You will also be able to use your unit up until 10:00 pm, even after we leave the office. If you need a reliable wine storage solution, don’t hesitate to reserve your space!